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Unico 20°87°: The Perfect All-Inclusive Getaway

If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort that is every drop of Instagram perfect as you’ve imagined, look no further than Unico 20°87°! Every detail of the architecture integrates traditional Mayan art with modern Mexican culture that radiates through in the locally sourced decor. Unico is an adults-only resort, but not exclusively a couples-only resort. With that in mind, my sister and I packed our bags and boarded the plane to Mexico for a much-anticipated girls trip!


My sister and I departed from two different cities and met each other at Cancun International Airport. We booked transfers through the resort prior to arrival and it took approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the resort. Once we got to Unico 20°87°, the full immersive experience began. Anyone that has been to this resort has always commented on the way it smells. It’s an inviting scent of lemongrass and mandarin that envelopes you in a welcoming, yet elevated, luxury resort experience.


Most resort check-ins are done at the front desk where guests wait in line for their turn. At Unico 20°87°, the moment you walk through the double sliding glass doors, you are guided to a comfortable leather couch and served their signature drink called “Jade”. It was a refreshing way to start the check-in process. The concierge came to us and brought the documents and a tray of handcrafted candles. We were then asked to pick our favorite scent and that will be the one diffused in our room. Talk about personalization!

Alcoba Swim-up room

We were escorted to Building 1 by a friendly bellman who chatted and gave us facts along the way. I did not know where Building 1 was, except it was quite a long walk, passing all the pools and restaurants. To our surprise, it was the building closest to the beach with airy palm trees providing shade and privacy for our swim-up room. The crazy thing is, this room that opens up to a swim out pool is Unico’s introductory room category. Meaning it gets EVEN better from here! At other resorts, you would have to pay a premium to walk out to your own pool. But at Unico, this room is available on every first level. I highly recommend booking this room category right away if you are interested as I’ve seen it sold out pretty often.

Every little detail was tended to in this room. From the distinctively modern drawer pulls to the large rope ball used as the ‘do not disturb’ sign, no element was missed. The resort also gifts the guests with two straw hats that we later took to get painted.


I feel like I need to dedicate a separate blog post showcasing all of the amazing food at Unico. But I will try my best to keep it short. Unico is very well known for incorporating local Mexican flavors into all aspects of the resort. But the exquisite cuisine is where they truly shine. The food was fresh and unique and there was such a wide variety including Mexican, Italian and Japanese. We made it our mission to try a different restaurant every night and still felt that we might have missed something amazing on the menu. The dish that stood out to me the most was the Hoisin shrimp yakitori. Served on a miniature charcoal grill, the jumbo shrimp is on a skewer and lightly brushed with savory hoisin sauce. Something about sizzling dishes always seems to pique my interest and everything about the presentation screams “grab your phone! This is a dish you will want to send your foodie friend right away.” You will find this festive item at the Mura house restaurant.

Activities, Wellness, and the App

Wellness classes are offered throughout the week. From paddleboard yoga to spinning, you can schedule it all on the Unico 20°87° app. There is a lot you can do on this app: order room service, chat with your host, make restaurant reservations, and even book excursions. The great thing about Unico’s “limitless” all-inclusive is that you only have to pay a 20% service fee for the spa, golf, and excursions. My sister and I took advantage of this great deal and scheduled the Zipline and Cenote tour during our stay.


If you are looking for a rambunctious, nightlife atmosphere, you won’t find it here at Unico 20°87°. This resort has a very hip yet mellow vibe. The entertaining activities are usually held in the morning with a live DJ and multiple swim-up bars but as the sun begins to set, you’ll see the resort slip into a more tranquil mood.

Unico 20°87° was the perfect resort for our sister’s trip. It has something for both of our vacation personalities. I like to schedule everything we do as soon as we arrive and take in all that the resort has to offer. I like to really see everything and be thorough with the site inspections so that I can go back and tell everyone about the property. My sister, on the other hand, enjoys the calming side of vacation and taking it slow. She likes to stay in, order room service and lounge by the pool. Unico catered to both of our needs. We usually found ourselves meeting in the middle at the Inez cafe to chat about our day over coffee and pastries.

Check out some more of photos from this incredible experience!

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