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How to Rebook your Cancelled Travel

If you're like me, you've probably had a cancelled vacation thanks to measures put into place to reduce the impact on the world from COVID-19. Many tour companies and airlines have offered travel vouchers/credits in lieu of refunds and have thankfully extended the time frame to use them. Travel Pulse published an article on tips for rebooking your cancelled travel later this year or next, and we've included some of our favorites below.

Check for flexible cancellation and change policies for both flights and hotels. Many airlines and hotels have relaxed their policies and waived change fees to help put travelers at ease when they are thinking about booking their trip. By being able to cancel or change your booking without a fee, you can protect yourself against any losses if plans do need to be changed.

Be wary of non-refundable rates. We all know that non-refundable fares tend to be cheaper than refundable ones; however, during these uncertain times it would be wise to stick with the higher rates so that you can have the flexibility to cancel or change your reservation without losing any money.

Check the expiration date of your travel vouchers. Make note of the exact expiration date so you don't miss out on using your voucher and letting those funds go to waste. Need help planning where to go? A travel advisor can keep you on track with the planning and booking.

Keep a spreadsheet to track refunds and vouchers. If you have multiple travel components, using a spreadsheet can help you keep track of refunds you are owed along with travel vouchers and their expiration dates.

Pay with a credit card that offers travel protection. In general, using a credit card to pay for your travels is a smart thing to do because of all the consumer protections that come with using one. This is especially helpful when the global situation is unstable, and the risk of some tour companies and airlines going out of business is real.

Use a travel advisor (duh!). In addition to helping you make sense of cancellation and change policies, travel advisors have been through the ringer due to the worldwide travel restrictions from COVID-19. We know how best to navigate restrictions while finding the best pricing, and we've advocated for our clients with airlines, cruise lines, and tour operators. We know when to wait and when to act. Because of the relationships we've developed with our travel suppliers and because of our power with potential future business, we are able to ask our travel partners to make refund exceptions in dire cases when they initially said they were only offering travel credits.

If you have travel credits you would like to use and need assistance or if you'd like to start planning and booking future travel with greater peace of mind, please send us an inquiry. We'd love to work with you!

You can find the full Travel Pulse article here.

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